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Posted: January 15, 2010 in Where you can buy Cooler Shelf
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We have made it to the largest online marketplace, Come take a look….just search “Shelf Help”.

Also, a small update from some of the early buyers of our new product:

I have used the smaller model this weekend. Kept the sandwiches off the ice
and away from the bait. Will put my larger model in the 72qt cooler when I
go offshore later this month. Had a friend on the boat amd he was
I will spread the word.


Hey John.  It actually worked pretty well!  I was glad to be able to keep things cool and but not directly on the ice or in the cold water.  I would recommend it!



Hi John, spent all of last Saturday on the water out of Ventura.  Rough
seas; actually 4-6′ with white caps in the channel.  Had the shelf in two
ice chest’s on board and they held up just like they should.

Had sandwiches’ and some snack stuff in the shelf with ice and water
underneath and didn’t get the food wet!

Nice to have a dry lunch even with the ocean sloppy! Thanks, “you didn’t
slice the bread, but you keep the sliced bread dry”


Find us at


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