An order from Iowa…

Posted: December 30, 2010 in First purchasers of Cooler Shelf
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If you happen to follow our blog, you would know our “Cooler Shelf” was launched just a short time ago and is sold exclusively on the Internet (so far…searching for retailers and distributors as I write). Well, I am a sentimental sort and like “firsts”. Who was “first to order”. Where are they from….etc. First to order “Cooler Shelf” was Craig Dargatz from Tehachapi, California back in June of this year (he ended up buying four of them). Well, Marv Almond from Iowa is the first from that State to own our “Cooler Shelf”.

Our cooler shelf is an ideal replacement tray for your cooler or ice chest and serves to protect your food from ruin in your cooler.

Take a look:

Thanks for your purchase Marv. Merry Christmas!

El Prez


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