A first order from Georgia for Cooler Shelf

Posted: February 9, 2011 in First purchasers of Cooler Shelf
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Thank you Amanda. You are the first to purchase a “Cooler Shelf” from the beautiful State of Georgia.

Amanda found her’s on Amazon. For those of you preferring to shop via Amazon, you can find Cooler Shelf here:


Cooler Shelf is an ideal food storage solution for your ice chest/cooler. It is designed to keep your food cold and DRY in your cooler/ice chest while camping, fishing, tailgating, or just picnicking.

If you’ve ever ruined anything in the bottom of your cooler or ice chest, you can appreciate its utility. It can pay for itself in one use.

So if you’ve been looking for that replacement tray for your cooler, buy one of these money savers soon.

If you want to buy direct, click here: http://www.christarsnet.com/ice-chests.html

Thanks again Amanda.

El Prez


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