Our first order Cooler Shelf order from Rhode Island. (Cooler Shelf, a tray for your ice chest)

Posted: March 9, 2011 in First purchasers of Cooler Shelf
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Thank you Mark from Providence, Rhode Island. You have made our unofficially obscure “wall of fame” with your purchase. You are the first person from Rhode Island to purchase our Cooler Shelf.

Cooler Shelf is a patent pending new idea from Christar’s Net, Inc.

Check it out:


Cooler Shelf is that replacement plastic food tray that use to come, did come, with your ice chest or cooler. Maybe you were lucky enough to get one with your ice chest purchase but probably not. Now there is a replacement.

So if you’re tired of ruined sandwiches, cheeses, bait?, whatever, or your looking for some good separation for your goods in your ice chest or cooler, we have the answer:


Thank you for reading and thank you again Mark for your purchase. May it serve you well.

El Prez!


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