Why, Wyoming is on the board with Cooler Shelf, a replacement food tray for your Ice Chest/Cooler.

Posted: March 22, 2011 in First purchasers of Cooler Shelf
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Thank you Gary from Dubois, Wyoming for your purchase of Cooler Shelf. You are the first person from Wyoming to own our new-to-the-planet product.

In case you are reading our blog for the first time, Cooler Shelf is a portable ice chest accessory that affixes to the walls of your ice chest and is designed to keep your food items safe from the ruinous melted ice in the bottom of your ice chest.

Take a look:


Whether you own a coleman cooler or an igloo cooler, our replacement tray will fit any one of them from 30 qts to 170 qts with our three sizes.

So if you want to protect your food, try one. We have plenty of testimonies of past purchasers confirming its usefulness.



Thanks for taking a peek.

El Prez!


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