Some fine unsolicited testimony on Cooler Shelf

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Testimonials
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Jay from South Dakota remarked:

I’ve two of these cooler shelves and couldn’t be more satisfied. The shelf is easy to install if you study the instructions that accompany the product. I got the medium size and both work perfectly in two separate coolers. Your food stays out of the ice and water and they can hold a ton of weight without a problem. I’ve had at least ten pounds of product in them without any problem. Good product and a great seller.

About Cooler Shelf:

How many products out there can pay for itself in a single use? Cooler Shelf can and will. If you add up the cost of a few sandwiches, then compare that to the price of a Cooler Shelf, you will find by saving just those few sandwiches from ruin, Cooler Shelf can pay for itself the first time you use it!

So, if you’ve lost your plastic food tray and need a replacement, or never received the plastic insert for your Coleman or Igloo cooler, you can find out what tDSC00533.4housands of people have found out for themselves: Cooler Shelf will stop all of the aggravation by preserving your food from ruin and will save you money.

Thank you for reading.

Christar’s Net, Inc.

Makers of Cooler Shelf and RV Fridge Guard


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