Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve hit the open road in your RV and have finally reached your destination. You open the fridge to grab a beer and out falls the eggs. The milk? Grapes? Soda can? Your beer?

It’s happened to us. More than once.

How about…..have you ever lost the chill in your RV refrigerator from all the openings and closings? Or should we simply ask, “Are you tired of losing the chill in your RV refrigerator?”

RV Fridge Guard solves both problems. We have designed RV Fridge Guard to fit most Dometic and Norcold brand refrigerators for RV’s. Our three sizes, small, medium, and large will fit most any size RV fridge on the road today.

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If you’ve been to our website and just couldn’t get passionate about our original RED Cooler Shelf, we now carry BLUE.

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If you have never been to our site, we offer solutions to problems that sometimes plague the outdoor enthusiast. Cooler Shelf is our flagship product and it serves to protect your goods in your portable cooler from the melting ice in the bottom of the box.

It has been a good seller and we have posted testimonials on our site as well.

Cooler Shelf is in its 10th month of existence as of this writing. April 2o11 has been our best month yet. Thank you all again for a successful launch.


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Thank you Fred from Drew, Mississippi, Joseph from Roseville, Minnesota, and Phyhliss from Poplar, Montana for all your purchases today. You are all the first from your respective States to order our “Cooler Shelf”

May they serve you well.

If this is the first time you have heard of “Cooler Shelf” and are looking for a way to save your food from ruin in your portable ice chest or cooler, take a look:


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We have been using the “cooler shelf” by Christar’s for several months now and have been nothing but satisfied with this product. It is a “cooler shelf” that fits inside your ice chest that keeps your food up and away from your bait or vice versa. It attaches inside the ice chest by velcro and is easily taken out and cleaned when necessary. Comes in different sizes (fits up to 120 qt, I believe) and is great for picnics.


You can find your own Cooler Shelf here:


Just some ideas of how you can better organize your cooler/ice chest on your next camping trip or tailgating session!


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Thank you Gary from Dubois, Wyoming for your purchase of Cooler Shelf. You are the first person from Wyoming to own our new-to-the-planet product.

In case you are reading our blog for the first time, Cooler Shelf is a portable ice chest accessory that affixes to the walls of your ice chest and is designed to keep your food items safe from the ruinous melted ice in the bottom of your ice chest.

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Whether you own a coleman cooler or an igloo cooler, our replacement tray will fit any one of them from 30 qts to 170 qts with our three sizes.

So if you want to protect your food, try one. We have plenty of testimonies of past purchasers confirming its usefulness.



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Gloria from Puerto Rico is numero uno purchaser of our Cooler Shelf from the island of Puerto Rico.

Thank you Gloria for your purchase. May it serve you for many years to come.

Cooler Shelf, in case you haven’t heard, is a tray that will protect your goods from ruin in your ice chest/cooler’s melted ice or condensation in your containers or baggies. You never have to worry about ruined sandwiches again with Cooler Shelf!

It is ideal for organizing your cooler as well.

If you would like to see our Cooler Shelf, it is here:


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And thank you again Gloria for your purchase. Gloria found hers on Ebay:


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