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If you ask your NTP Sales Representative, they can bring do you a sample of our new RV Fridge Guard.

RV Fridge Guard has been developed to help keep the cold air inside your RV refrigerator as well as keeping items from falling out after you’ve been driving your RV.

Surely most of you have had items spill out to your floor and all of you lose some chill when you open your refrigerator door. It’s just a law of nature.

Fridge Guard will help keep the air inside, not spilling out.

And it will keep ALL of your items from falling out.

Take a look:

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RV Fridge Guard is that solution you’ve been looking for to help retain the cold air in your RV Refrigerator.

It also serves to keep your items from falling out of your refrigerator as you travel in your RV.

Who doesn’t lose the chill in their refrigerator when you open it?

Who doesn’t have items fall out after your RV has been driven around?

RV Fridge Guard solves both these problems for a small price. If you have ever used Camco bars, you spent at least 10 dollars. For 20 more dollars, you can have all the benefit of COLD AIR CONTAINMENT with RV Fridge Guard.

Certainly that is worth 20 dollars. Our RV Fridge Guard is a low wear item and should last easily 5 to 10 years (sorry, it’s brand new and we do not have any empirical data as of yet).

If you take that 20 dollars and figure the savings in energy alone, it should pay for itself in the first year anyway.

So you will get it for free after that. Not a bad investment for a mere 20 dollars.

You can see RV Fridge Guard here:

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So, after a year or so of development and testing, our second-generation RV Fridge Guard (previously “Christar’s Net”) is about to be launched.

Considerably different, it is designed to not only keep your items in your refrigerator secure during or after traveling in your RV, that is, keeps them from falling out when you go to open your refrigerator (who hasn’t had this problem?), it also serves to keep the chill inside your refrigerator (who wouldn’t want this?).

Take a look:

You can see the original version here:

We will have a limited launch within the month and we will have three sizes: A large size (to fit Class A Coaches, fits 10-11 cu. ft. refrigerators), a medium size (fits 8 cu. ft. refrigerators), and small size (fits 6-7 cu. ft. refrigerators).

If this sounds like a product you would like to be first to own, email us at:

We will be sure to put you on our list to send an email notification of availability.

Securing your food items + keeping the chill in = RV Fridge Guard.

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