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Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve hit the open road in your RV and have finally reached your destination. You open the fridge to grab a beer and out falls the eggs. The milk? Grapes? Soda can? Your beer?

It’s happened to us. More than once.

How about…..have you ever lost the chill in your RV refrigerator from all the openings and closings? Or should we simply ask, “Are you tired of losing the chill in your RV refrigerator?”

RV Fridge Guard solves both problems. We have designed RV Fridge Guard to fit most Dometic and Norcold brand refrigerators for RV’s. Our three sizes, small, medium, and large will fit most any size RV fridge on the road today.

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El Prez.


So, after a year or so of development and testing, our second-generation RV Fridge Guard (previously “Christar’s Net”) is about to be launched.

Considerably different, it is designed to not only keep your items in your refrigerator secure during or after traveling in your RV, that is, keeps them from falling out when you go to open your refrigerator (who hasn’t had this problem?), it also serves to keep the chill inside your refrigerator (who wouldn’t want this?).

Take a look:

You can see the original version here:

We will have a limited launch within the month and we will have three sizes: A large size (to fit Class A Coaches, fits 10-11 cu. ft. refrigerators), a medium size (fits 8 cu. ft. refrigerators), and small size (fits 6-7 cu. ft. refrigerators).

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Securing your food items + keeping the chill in = RV Fridge Guard.

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