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Thank you Amanda. You are the first to purchase a “Cooler Shelf” from the beautiful State of Georgia.

Amanda found her’s on Amazon. For those of you preferring to shop via Amazon, you can find Cooler Shelf here:,n:!3375301,k:shelf%20help,p_4:Christar’s%20Net\c%20Inc.&page=1

Cooler Shelf is an ideal food storage solution for your ice chest/cooler. It is designed to keep your food cold and DRY in your cooler/ice chest while camping, fishing, tailgating, or just picnicking.

If you’ve ever ruined anything in the bottom of your cooler or ice chest, you can appreciate its utility. It can pay for itself in one use.

So if you’ve been looking for that replacement tray for your cooler, buy one of these money savers soon.

If you want to buy direct, click here:

Thanks again Amanda.

El Prez


This is straight cut and paste:

The cooler shelve is made from with nylon mesh and strips held together by velcro.It is well made and should last a long time. It has replaced the plastic shelve that manufacture
did supply with a new product.It will keep food cold and dry in your cooler.I am very pleased with the product including fast delivery. Don Bodjack

In case you haven’t heard, “Cooler Shelf” is a brand new product on the market. So far as we can tell there has never been a product like it.

It will protect your food (or bait if you like to fish) from the ruin that occurs in the melted ice in the bottom of your cooler/ice chest. It will also serve to protect items from condensation, like sandwiches. It will fit most all coolers, Igloo, Coleman, and Rubbermaid alike.

Seriously, who hasn’t ruined something in their cooler’s hostile cold and or water in the bottom.

For as little as $12.95, you can eliminate these problems. That’s almost an immediate payback, almost in one use.

If you wish to purchase one for yourself, you can find us here:

Thanks for reading.

El Prez

Thank you Robert Poppoff for your purchase of our Cooler Shelf. You are the the first person in Utah to purchase our new Cooler Shelf.

May it serve you well and outlast your cooler.

Cooler Shelf is a Patent Pending idea from Christar’s Net, Inc. It is designed to protect your food from the ruin that occurs when your food meets your melting ice in the bottom of your ice chest or cooler. Protects sandwiches from condensation as well.

Take a look:

If you were lucky enough to receive a plastic tray for your cooler (most likely not), there is now a replacement available. It comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large, and fits coolers from 30 quarts up to 170 quarts. Can possible pay for itself in one use.

So if you’re tired of ruining your food in your cooler’s ice, buy one today.


El Prez

From our Yahoo Store:

Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Body: christarsnet was awesome! Great Customer Service, quick shipping, good communication and item arrived exactly as advertised.

Truly one of the better vendors out there.

Item is constructed of good quality materials.




If you would like to see what Eric is talking about, here is our Cooler Shelf:

A food tray for your cooler. Replacement tray for the plastic tray that you probably never received with your cooler purchase.

Protect your food with our Cooler Shelf.

Thanks for reading.

El Prez.

Puts the word “Cooler” in new perspective.

From New Hampshire comes its first Cooler Shelf order. Thank you Robin Patenaude for your purchase. You are the first person from New Hampshire to own our creation. May it serve you well and outlast your cooler.

Cooler Shelf is patent pending solution to the age old problem of “ruined food items” in the bottom of your cooler. It is a replacement food tray for ice chests coolers and will pay for itself in short order, maybe even in one use.

Take a look:

Comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large and is designed to fit the most popular coolers, Coleman, Igloo, and Rubbermaid alike. From 30 quarts all the way up to and slightly beyond 150 quart coolers.

So if you’re tired of ruining your food in your cooler, come try one out.


El Prez

Thank you Dana Place from @South Carolina. You would be first to purchase our “Cooler Shelf” from your beautiful state. May all your food items stay COOL and DRY while you are in your boat on the Chesapeake!

Cooler Shelf is ideal for protecting your food items from ruin in your cooler or ice chest.

Take a look:

El Prez

Thank you Michael Myles from Pennsylvania. You are our largest single order so far…4 “Cooler Shelf” from Christar’s Net, Inc.

If you haven’t seen our product, it is here:

It is an ideal replacement tray for your food or bait protecting them from the melted ice or condensation in your cooler/ice chest. Fit’s Igloo, Coleman, Rubbermaid, and Yeti alike. Great for camping, fishing, tailgating, or just picnicking.

View our testimonials here:

Thanks for viewing. And thanks again Michael for your business.

El Prez.