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Jay from South Dakota remarked:

I’ve two of these cooler shelves and couldn’t be more satisfied. The shelf is easy to install if you study the instructions that accompany the product. I got the medium size and both work perfectly in two separate coolers. Your food stays out of the ice and water and they can hold a ton of weight without a problem. I’ve had at least ten pounds of product in them without any problem. Good product and a great seller.

About Cooler Shelf:

How many products out there can pay for itself in a single use? Cooler Shelf can and will. If you add up the cost of a few sandwiches, then compare that to the price of a Cooler Shelf, you will find by saving just those few sandwiches from ruin, Cooler Shelf can pay for itself the first time you use it!

So, if you’ve lost your plastic food tray and need a replacement, or never received the plastic insert for your Coleman or Igloo cooler, you can find out what tDSC00533.4housands of people have found out for themselves: Cooler Shelf will stop all of the aggravation by preserving your food from ruin and will save you money.

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Christar’s Net, Inc.

Makers of Cooler Shelf and RV Fridge Guard


For 2013, NRS has chosen to sell Cooler Shelf.

You can find them here:

Cooler Shelf was designed to keep your food items (who hasn’t had the soggy sandwich problem?) away from the melting ice below. Is an ideal bait tray as well separating your drink from your bait!

Since it is adjustable and designed to fit all the major brands you can be sure it will fit any of your coolers. The three sizes make it suitable for coolers 30qts all the way to 170qts.

How many products can pay for themselves in a single use? Cooler Shelf can.

So give it a try, you can’t afford NOT to.

John@ Christar’s Net, Inc.

Now would be a good time to try our new Cooler Shelf.

Designed to keep your food items ABOVE and SAFE from melting ice in your portable ice chest, it is now on sale on our website and

Here is Amazon link:

Here is our own site:

Cooler Shelf makes a great gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts. They ALL have ruined a sandwich or ten in their coolers. Buy one; make their day!

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Christar’s Net, Inc.

If you’re tired of the soggy-sandwich-in-the-portable-ice-chest, we have THE solution.

Cooler Shelf by Christar’s Net, Inc. has developed a food tray that will fasten to your Coleman, Igloo, or Rubbermaid cooler and will help keep your food items (or bait for you fisherman) away from the melting ice and condensation in your cooler.

Sold on, you can find them here:

We ship in one business day, and for only .99c.

Cooler Shelf can literally pay for itself in one use. How many products can do that?

So come take a look at our solution of how to protect your food in your portable ice chest.


El Prez.

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If you’ve been to our website and just couldn’t get passionate about our original RED Cooler Shelf, we now carry BLUE.

Take a gander:

If you have never been to our site, we offer solutions to problems that sometimes plague the outdoor enthusiast. Cooler Shelf is our flagship product and it serves to protect your goods in your portable cooler from the melting ice in the bottom of the box.

It has been a good seller and we have posted testimonials on our site as well.

Cooler Shelf is in its 10th month of existence as of this writing. April 2o11 has been our best month yet. Thank you all again for a successful launch.


El Prez

Thank you Fred from Drew, Mississippi, Joseph from Roseville, Minnesota, and Phyhliss from Poplar, Montana for all your purchases today. You are all the first from your respective States to order our “Cooler Shelf”

May they serve you well.

If this is the first time you have heard of “Cooler Shelf” and are looking for a way to save your food from ruin in your portable ice chest or cooler, take a look:

Thanks again for your purchases.

El Prez


Just some ideas of how you can better organize your cooler/ice chest on your next camping trip or tailgating session!

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El Prez.